Black Tonic Gel

Composition : Fulvic acid 10% w/w min. seaweed extract 0.5% w/w min. Humic acid 20% w/w min, Potassium (K20) 10% w/w min, Inet Organic Carrier 55% w/w min

Other: also contains traces of elements contained in products of vegetable origin like vitamin and betaine.


  • increase root and shoot growth
  • increase boll and fruit size
  • Strengthens the natural ability to resist pests and disease.
  • Play a critical role in minimizing heat and moisture stress.
  • helps better uptake of other nutrients and micronutrients
  • increase the yield and quality of produce

Suggested Dosage :

  • Foliar Application:  Mix 1gm in 1 liter of water. apply to foliage at an interval of 15-21days or the growing stage as needed.
  • Drip/ Soil Drench Application:  1kg per acre dilute in water and apply at an interval of 15 – 21 days or as needed during the growing stage
  • Pack In: HDPE Bottles
  • Packing Available: 500gm
  • Bulk Packing Available:  25kg bag