Metribuzin 70% W.P

  • Content: Metribuzin 70% Wp
  • Advantages: METRIPER is a selective herbicide used for control to the various kind of annual grasses and weeds in sugarcane, vegetables, wheat.
    METRIPER (METRIBUZIN 70%WP) is a selective systemic herbicide absorbed predominantly by the roots, but also by leaves, with translocation acropetally in the xylem. It is used for Pre/post-emergence control of most annual grasses and weeds including Cyperus, Cyndon, Chenopodium, Asphodelus, Avena, Lolium, Setaria, Phalaris & Alopecurus in cereals i.e. wheat, Sugarcane, alfalfa, Potato, Tomato, soyabeen etc grown areas in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America. it is to be used in accordance with climatic conditions and approval of local Authorities.
  • Crops: Sugarcane, Potato, Tomato, Soyabean, Wheat
  • Dosage: Per Acre: Sugarcane: 600-1200gm, Other Crops : 200-400gm
  • Available Packing: 100 Gm, 250 Gm, 500 Gm.