Triacontanol GR 0.05% Min

Triacontanol 0.05% GR is a tested growth promoter containing a specific mixture of naturally occurring long-chain high molecular weight fatty alcohols, mainly Triacontanol and B-sitosterol.


  • Non-hazardous
  • Easy to use
  • Hygienic

Benefits of Triacontanol 0.05% GR:

  • Healthy growth of plants
  • Better root development
  • More flowers and reduced flower drop
  • More production of better quality products

Dosages: 5kg/Acer

  • It should be mixed with the seed at the time of planting or should be mixed with basal dressing fertilizers
  • For paddy, it can be applied to the nursery by mixing with other fertilizers and in the main field it should be applied to the soil at the time of puddling or at transplanting singly or by mixing with any fertilizer mixture
  • For sugarcane and most of the fruit crops, it should be applied in 2 splits. 1st dose: at the time of planting. 2nd dose: approximately six months from the first application