Turbo Power
Triacontanol EW 0.1% MIN

Triacontanol EW 0.1% is an oil in water emulsion formulation. It has a golden color with a radium effect which is highly photosensitive. The unique color of the formulation helps attract light’s energy even in the faintest of light availability. Miracle crop nutrition EW form reduces user’s hazards by minimizing irritation effect.


  • The oil in water formulation makes it highly soluble in water and gets absorbed quickly when sprayed on the leaf.
  • Miracle®crop nutrition helps in dry substance accumulation and storage in plants
  • It enhances vegetative growth of the plants and helps plants increase resistance against drought conditions


  • 1% EW Tricontanol


  1. Please read the enclosed label and leaflet before use and follow the given instructions.
  2. The Packages of the product shall be disposed of off in a safe manner so as to prevent environmental and water pollution.


Disclaimer: Since the storage and use of the products is beyond our control, we do not take any responsibility, other than the uniform quality of our products.